Loz Arroz founder Carlos cooking paellas outside

Carlos, our founder and phenomenal cook, is Venezuelan with Spanish roots from his Dad’s side of the family. 

Carlos has had a passion for cooking since he discovered he had a knack for it at age 20. He’s been cooking for family and friends ever since.

In our founder Carlos’ words:

At my grandma’s house they only made Spanish food. Thanks to her and my dad, I developed a passion for food… every time I went over to my grandma’s house I felt like I was stepping into Spain. She always used products that she would bring with her from her trips to Galicia. She would mix those products with the exquisit raw materials found in Venezuela to recreate authentic dishes that made you feel you were having lunch at the neighborhood restaurant in her town in Galicia. 

I owe my love and appreciation of good food to my grandmother and my dad. From them I also learned that sometimes less is more, and that a truly great dish starts with the respect that is given to each and every single ingredient.

After living in Spain for 3 years and moving to Miami, I started to realize how much I missed authentic Spanish cuisine. It wasn’t easy to find the authentic flavors I craved anymore, especially not paellas. Back in Venezuela we had paellas every Sunday. It was a go-to dish for family gatherings, celebrations and pretty much any time a group of us got together. Whenever I would catch up with friends we would inevitably talk about those paella days and how hard it was to find a good paella in MIami. That’s what propelled me to recreate my grandmother’s recipes. I mixed those with a few tricks I learned in my time in Spain and this is the end result, a dish that really takes you to Spain, bite by bite. I have always admired the way traditional paellas and fideuas are made, the respect for the ingredients and the way it is prepared, and that is something we want every paella and fideua from LozArroz to convey in every bite.