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  • If I am planning a celebration at home, my first option would be definitely Lozarroz. The quality of the product is amazing. The paellas are made with the... read more

    Beatriz Castellanos Avatar Beatriz Castellanos
    24 January, 2022

    Bravo! Absolutely fabulous. Just thinking about how delicious the paella was makes me crave it again. Loaded with juicy seasoned meats, fresh seafood and real saffron scented rice… OLE!!!

    Gary Bentz Avatar Gary Bentz
    24 January, 2022

    We’ve had paella in the past but this is by far the best EVER! Our personal favorite is the “Negre”. The taste is out of this world and the service... read more

    Nathaly Martinez Avatar Nathaly Martinez
    24 January, 2022
  • Once you try Lozarroz you will not want to eat a different paella. 100% recommended, you will not regret it.

    Martin Medina Avatar Martin Medina
    24 January, 2022

    I have ordered and recommend Lozarroz multiple times with every order better than the next! HIGHLY recommend!

    Carolina Santaella Avatar Carolina Santaella
    24 January, 2022

    I ordered the señoret paella and it was soo good, cooked perfectly and with top ingredients. Service was friendly and delivery was just on time at the right temperature. I... read more

    Pamela Mattar Avatar Pamela Mattar
    24 January, 2022

You host, we take care of the cooking

Our paellas and fideuas are perfect for any occasion. They are an amazing comfort food, the perfect shareable meal with friends and family and a great option to serve at any event.


Our mission is to make the best, most authentic paellas in Miami.

Price List

for 4-6 people $160
for 8-10 people $260
for 15 people $370
  • Paella delivery in Miami dade and Broward. Delivery Fee Includes delivery and pickup.
  • Order by phone or text
  • Place order at least 24hrs in advance
  • Choose your paella/fideua flavor
  • Let us know the size, time and date
  • Sit back and relax
  • Your paella/fideua will arrive just in time to eat.

Our paellas/fideuas are made to order, we cook them right before we deliver them. The last step (and one of the most important ones) in our process occurs during delivery. This is when we allow the paella/fideua to sit on all it’s glory and juices to really absorb all the delectable flavors and assure the right consistency of the grains of rice and/or noodles

At LozArroz we pride ourselves in only using the highest quality ingredients, organic and from Spain, to make the best paellas and fideuas in Miami. We make our broths in-house completely from scratch using organic and locally sourced ingredients.
The flavors are as authentic as it gets. Each bite takes your taste buds directly to Spain.

Paella delivery in Miami dade and Broward (for an extra fee) Includes delivery and pickup.